WTF U Smokin (Produced by theloniBLOKE)

from by TimbaWolf Bleez

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When this beat was first played for me I knew my new style would fit perfectly with it. Bloke is a beast for this one. It's about blowin the best tree you can find and freeing ya mind. Spark 1 up before tuning in...Like now!! (Smoking Section)


WTF U Smokin


See the coughin and wheezin believe me I'm not a kitty
My niggee I roll the sticky get higher then blow the Cig
Any Fly'er I'll be a pigee supplier is smokin with me
Higher than B 50's white b*tch from the A with me
That A-to the-K With me act right all the way Silly
I'm tryna make 8 billie and tryna vacay in chile
They tryna placate my dealings While duplicating my ceilings
In truth I'm swoopin and saving the game is crucial we playin
I'm high tho what do I know
Can barely see my eyes so low
I'm slow with the cruising case I see 5-0
My dro, might go
Out the window if they smell my smoke, I know
Damn this sh*t so potent she buss her p*ssy open
Put that ass in reverse, b*tch after I nut disperse
Get in the whip and skeeert and put the pedal to dirt
Take a hit of the purp (That shit hit hard)
That shit hurt

My nigga you aint chokin so WTF U Smokin
it aint hittin like this you smell the dro it got me floatin 2x

My nigga this that shit that make you (Cough) 4x

TimbaWolf Bleez:

Ima thank my weed man later cuz I'm so far gone.
Ima pay my weed man later cuz he fronted me a O.
N my squad gone blow, sadam wit the flow. Like Karan's on the flow, you ain't got enough faith to get high as I go.
Pray to god I aint wrong but I never seen that in the bible SO...I'm a puff ima tote til I'm out for the count on ya couch wit a hoe.
Wit my dick in her mouth, then I'm kickin her out When I wake up lets bake up another ounce.
Blaze up til ya face up layin on the ground.
Nigga this sticky ick.
Smoke errday like its infinite.
Legitimate for every sentiment that Make random hoes wanna get intimate.
N they Tried to tell me that's bad for me.
My optimism won't let it be.
So I hit that twice then let it be.
Same goes for the hoes in bed wit me.
1 time for the squad gettin bread wit me.
Real niggas that'll pop that lead for me.
Ain't too many left so instead ya see
Jus 1 finger for the haters y'all dead to me.
N I promo for the doe doe for the low low wore the logo still live we'll rise to the occasion lookin half Asian
Movin in slow mo.
Stampede of thoughts when I blow dro
I jus read em off n my flow go so hard
Every bar got em stuck behind em wit no hope. Lego


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Produced and Written by theloniBLOKE
Co-Written and Mixed by TimbaWolf Bleez



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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