Triple Threat

by TimbaWolf Bleez

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Triple Threat shows TimbaWolf Bleez skills as a producer, singer, and rapper. As the growth continues the grind will not stop. Featuring talented artist such as theloniBLOKE, J-Murk, K-Deville, Mac Beez, and Young Bandit. Thank you to all my supporters and listeners.


released August 1, 2013

Executive Producers: TimbaWolf Bleez & theloniBLOKE



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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Track Name: Got My Back
Got My Back

My click, we in this bitch.
Like a easy flip we in this bitch
Killin shit we'll make it quick.
We so ill don't it make em sick.
Hoe chill, get off the dick
Unless u offer chips or tryna to hit the strip.
Take a sip of this codine
You'll be in and out of one cold dream.
Then hit the tree, no seeds
We share the wealth no greed.
Have you ever been so fuckin clean u turn a party scene into a murder scene.
Fuck y'all mean u ain't hearda me?
Young Blake I been a G.
After I hit em wit this triple threat.
Bet all dese niggas gone member me.
I'll put out that fire they jus burnin up this industry.
Ima frequent flyer I get higher than they'll ever be.
If they dont take heed to this warning then they'll never see.
Me comin I'll jus run in stone cold stunt n put that ass to sleep.
Beef what's that...all these niggas wack.
Can't see my flows can't see my hoes So stay up off that track.
My niggas live that thug life, still need to move 2-pacs
Y'all livin a bugs life, jus tryin not to get splat

Mack beezy got my back
J binzO got my back
Yung KANG got my back
T Bloke got my back.
Aye Bitch nigga this K.O.E
and have my back is they J.O.B
So fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Killa got my back
Zoo house got my back
Big Germ got my back
J Murk got my back
Bitch Nigga this KOE
And have my back is they J.O.B
So fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Fuck them niggas who hatin on me

I'm turnt up n I'm on her now.
She turnt too n can't turn me down.
I turnt to my nigga said get yo turn too we gone turn her out.
Ima threat like I walk wit a burner out.
Ima vet these cats I don't curr about.
I'm the best rap niggas I ain't wurred about.
When I'm done cookin em up curr em out.
Ima artist so I'm jus blurrin em out.
I'm sayin niggas ain't even worth the current amount.
In my pocket stop ya killin me wit the nonsense.
Stupid jus about dumb as my car is.
Niggas can't mock this hot shit Mock 6.
Roofless topless like ya main broad get.
Down on the floor suck dick til she nautious.
Niggas talk shit I talk bizness boss shit.
Fly shit tony hawkin often.
Coffin fresh shit fresh to def shit.
Flossing green boston celtics.
I'm so cold nigga I can't help it.
Less its bout that paper player
I'ma roll out like skaters later
2 piece duece here!
Its a new year n My view clear.
Right through the bullshit to the top I go.
Write to the music, put life on hold.
Rights to the music copyright my flow.
Might here a few ticks n I might jus blow.
I'm in this Bitch takin what's mine.
Gimme my shine I'm on my grind.
Nothin but money n blunts on my mind.
We gone get high 2 blunts at a time.
Track Name: Fall Back feat. K-Deville
Fall Back feat. K-Deville

Fuckin right ima soulja
I jus might run up on ya.
Im bout bizness but its no problem to kick off these loafers.
I'm bout to take shit over.
Dear rap Dangers approachin.
Killin em all for cheap like I'm jus tryna make a quota
I'm feelin kinda faded but im gaining exposure.
See me clear this my year nigga I thought I told ya.
we still live spark it up n get real high.
Might sound movie scene but we do dis shit in our real life.
born n raised in these mean streets.
But my flow is real nice.
N my hoes is real nice.
Where the fuck is my squad at.
Seen some niggas in all black??
Pulled up in a "what do u call that?" huh?
Oh there they go tellin y'all niggas fall back. (beat all the way out for this line wit the squad talkin shit)
What's wit all the ol hatin shit
Thought that was over 08 n shit.
Is it that I'm so far ahead?
Or y'all jus so damn late to shit.
We lawless n reckless and the way we been killin.
After this track ima have to ask Gods for forgiveness.

Tell dem niggas fall back
All you niggas fall back
See them niggas is wanna be's
We them niggas they wanna be.
Tell dem hoes fall back
All you hoes fall back
She don't ever wanna leave
We the ones they wanna be wit
What's wit all that
Tell dem niggas fall back
She don't ever wanna leave
We ones they wanna be wit
What's with all that
Tell them hoes fall back
ima pimp I don't love them hoes them hoes.

K Deville

Tell em niggas fall back
Thirsty asses be mad as fuck
When Deville shows these niggas no luv
Fuck niggas basic as fuck Get no trust
Gettn this money is a muthafuckin must
So I pick it up, like a flatbed truck
Spend that shit riri type gon throw it up
Money's the only thing on my mind bruh
So I guess it's fair to say That I'm kinda stuck
To....These cheese paper chips all I do is get rich
middle fingers to ya clique
And if you ever question it then I would really be the bitch
To go against everything that yo clique represents
Little bitch
Get out my vicinity if yu ain't on shit
Cuz I be out here gettin it
Always doin bigger shit than hoes out here pretending it
Where yu heard some realer shit...Tell em this

This Another mass killin, u here to bare witness.
Living rooms are for diein so I'm in the streets gettin it.
If yo grind nothin like mine I ain't fuckin wit it.
I coulda been had rap but I jus wasn't wit it.
bunch of niggas talkin bout what they really don't be doin.
The hoes they be frontin on like they really and screwing.
I Made sexy vices I had to keep this shit movin.
And now im makin bangas it's time to get back to it.
Alright Now watch me go ham
2 middle fingers both hands
I'm bout to fuck 2 more singin bitches and make me a band.
Hell naw Not 1 out my ring of bitches get one on they hand.
Fuck what u thought I'm the man.
Which part you don't understand?
Ima King
The youngest son of my muthas Came to fuck shit up
Plus I came in wit G's from the G$ production team.
What u mean?
No I ain't jus make it here.
But I be fresh on the scene.
I know I'm blessed to be here
So while I'm doin my thang
Nigga fall back
Track Name: My Shot
My shot

Say a prayer for these haters cuz the slayer came ya pay a visit
Ya cuzins rap that's cool but they can't fade this nigga.
tell em I said it they takin a style I invented can't play this nigga.
The pimpin embedded so I be the freshest I stay in the latest nigga.
Style perfected cuz these Analyst gone pay attention.
Fashion designs only makes the picture I paint mo vivid
Be damned if I ain't gone kill it
I'm Movin fast gotta be careful where I place my pivot.
They givin me high fives they see I got the upper hand
My sound is sci fi it's somethin they can't understand.
I make em go bye bye I'm hot as fuck I'm stealing fans.
Cuz Even at night time I shine got watts on my bands.
Stock in my pants
N I jus might let it drop if she dance
N make it feel like there's a rock in my pants. Work it non stop if you can.
I'm not opposed to dat.
We in this bitch it's supposed to crack.
King Squad n they got my back.
N Steve jobs couldn't stop big Mack

This my shot ima shoot to the sky I I
To the top thru the roof I'm fly I I
From the block to the booth ima grind
N my watch say its my time to shine
It's ok it's ok it's alright
Niggas gone hate every day every night.
stay in yo place if you can't we gone ride.
Can't do it like I, shorty like I I I

I do what I rap about them niggas jus actin out.
I'm movin forward on em You wont eva catch me backin out.
Unless I'm in the jag about to smash one of the baddest out.
N I be in some fits that make them wanna throw they fashion out.
wat they know bout stashing cash in mass amounts.
Crashing out from too much puffin passin when the hash is out.
Snappin out Boy I got that figh and your match is out.
And I fucked yo bitch n that's what all my niggas laughin bout.
Nigga betta reconsida
If you get hit wit da heat won't get up.
We get rid of, weak bullshittas.
Leak em by the liter put a nigga on his seata
Ima see ya when I see ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya
Bangin on niggas like I turnt this beat up.
Nigga turn this beat up.
Got that bounce that'll turn yo street up.
This is my shot and I only give em what's hot.
Got no potential to flop.
I do this shit for my block
N I put my niggas on
Then I put my bitches on
N they put they bitches on
N now look my pimpin strong
Track Name: Kill Fibberman
I'm raw as fuck and I'm killin man
I'm turn't up like a ceiling fan
These bitches all in my business man
These snitches always witness man
I'm chasing after than million man
She's chasin after that feelin man
Name anyone I'm not realer than
And that's the day you a fibberman
Track Name: 100 feat. J-Murk
100 ft. J-Murk

TimbaWolf Bleez:

I Make hoes wanna flip they mattress up, they super pissed. Super pissed.
Ay why is you hatin? Go get some money, Stay up off that stupid shit
My sick whip got stupid tint.
Wit the optical illusion rims
Get a view of this ya might lose ya wig.
Wonder who I'm wit.
A Nigga got faith tryna do it BIG.
Got head instead n then she said
Take a puff daddy while I make the bed.
ima Mack like Craig Hot head
Tella Go make my bread from scratch
N act like you know how to act I said.
Relax my head. Wit some of the finest green.
Who gets flyer than me and the rising King Squad

A Nigga like me ain't got nothin to lose.
Keep puffin n puffin n dumpin them brews.
N fuckin them bitches who fuck wit the crew.
Them haters jus hate they got nothin to do.
Kick rocks nigga kick rocks
I stay wit a sick plot on my tip top
Don't play wit it. Get popped nigga get dropped
I stay wit it hard knock where my car stops
Back home bitch

I Hustle hard 100
Now im Killin shit and I'm wanted
Hard to find a decent opponent
So I took my style n I loaned it
Cuuuzz these niggas ain't even challenges.
They Makin it hard for the talented
Jus Look at the game how they damage it.
Now watch as I come in wit bandages.

Bitch I wish you would get get
Get to poppin that bullshit
We get to poppin that full clip
Click click reload and it jus don't quit
I jus don't miss errthang I do hit don't trip I dont slip
they can't fuck wit u cuz if they fuck wit u they gotta fuck wit me n They can't fuck wit me

*J Murk

getting big green, whip mean, its a kids dream, sit clean, kit mean, im a chip fiend, get cream, trick scheme got the inf beam, .44 fo' foes give em 16, hold on nigga better add it up, boy i might just take your shorty if she bad as fuck, that gianni on my body got me swagging up, see them hating niggas looking at me mad as fuck, but im cool fresh whites with the bbc, smashing your bitch in your b-e-d, hit then i split she a easy fee, then i pass it to blake like im cp3, wan' talk slick to a nigga? shots dispensing, move weight like we doing lots of benching, im a flee muthafucka not to mention, that I got more bands then a rock convention, like see man, thee fam, all ride with me man, gee man, thee bands, all i can see man, all eyes on me man, all high we chiefing, all grind till thee end, more rhymes than leann, look up in the sky im a fly guy sonny, smash right quick then its bye-bye honey, you aint getting one piece out of my pie money, im a trill ass young niggas 5 x 20! im gone

Outro verse

Told y'all I'ma flu wit it (sick)
Ain't shit u can do wit me (bitch)
I ain't nothin like these new niggas I'm fresh but
I'm 100 I'm true wit it (Bet)
made myself a lucrative asset
Uncaged myself a beast in the damn flesh
Might see YB in a lamb next
To a badd bitch if my cash stretch
Like a last check
before unemployment
NiggaThis a warnin but I
really hope y'all enjoy this
Really I been so bored wit
All the yap rap this that crack rap
Diss dat pap pap bitch go nap nap
Didn't check me when I came in
Cuz They seen big face Ben Franklin
Track Name: King Squad
I do it big shawty know
Gotta get get it like shawty lo
My tracks they all slap they all A's I'm on a roll (honor roll)
King Squad, U gotta know I rep that til it's time to go
Bass low, her face low, baby gone head, take it slow
My style is untouchable, these rap niggas uncomfortable
My singer chick she love to blow,
when I give it to her she hit them notes
My pimpin is too strong, King Squad we bout to blow
I told you once I showed em twice
They still doubtin so here we go

Catch me bangin down yo block when I'm in your city
Yo girl see it, u hatin cuz u know u cant get wit me
My niggas keep the block hot, my bitches make it pop lock
I get the dough (door) Knock knock
I'm number 1 this my spot

I do it big shawty know, gotta get get it like shawty lo 4x
It's king Squad King Squad King Squad its King Squad 4x

She playin hard but her ass soft, and she can dance her ass off
I can handle that, you all talk, I'm makin moves, ya'll all lost
I'm in the game, ya'll all loss, with the fake chains ya'll all floss
Handle mines like a big boss, good luck tryna get yo bitch off
My style is so unpredictable, try to copy me like command C
Bitch I'ma mack, don't doubt that, I'm about that, I keep it G
Shout to Pimp C we keep the lean, I be in them hoes straight fall asleep
I told her once, I showed her twice, she never gets enough of me

Catch me bangin down yo block when I'm in your city
Yo girl see it, u hatin cuz u know u cant get wit me
My niggas keep the block hot, my bitches make it pop lock
I get the dough (door) Knock knock
I'm number 1 this my spot

I do it big shawty know, gotta get get it like shawty lo 4x
It's king Squad King Squad King Squad its King Squad 4x
Track Name: Tax Check feat. Young Bandit
Tax Check feat. Young Bandit

*Young Bandit

Gotta stay flexin just to get a check
The world know this Mexican and I'm all about respect
I'm not affectionate but I'll have you tongue kissin my tech
I got the set tatted on me, yea we bout it homie
Cuz you know what we bout
Bald headed Cholo-Swagged out
We smokin loud
And got your ears ringin
You hear them snitches singin, Like Usher
I'm fuckin this rap game, No Rubber
I'm goin ham in the parkin lot, burnin rubber
Got my hand on my lethal weapon
no Mel Gibson or Danny Glover
She say I love you, I lie and say I love her
But I love these streets
Love slangin weed
Flexin, love countin my cheese
She say I love you, I lie and say I love her
But I love these streets
Love slangin weed
Flexin, love countin my cheese

You see we ballin everyday with no tax check
My name good in the hood its called respect
Flexin everyday for the fuckin check
Holmes, I go hard for my respect

TimbaWolf Bleez:

I be flexin on these hoes
I be fresh up in this bitch
They pop questions on these hoes
Pop that pussy baby that's it
U know who run it
Big face hunneds
This play money
But don't play wit it
Cuz you'll get hunted
this aint no gimic
I meant it ive done It
I'm always wit it dummy
Respect the hustle
Cuz I can detect them hatin
Get off that V Tech u talkin too much n caught up n cases.
Oh yea dem niggas be snitching
callin police's to places
that keep us ballin they all in our shit invadin our spaces
But shiit
I go hard for mine
N I know Juan ain't lyin
My dude keep all them fryin
I Blow doob's to ease my mind
A Blown fuse can end yo life
I'm tryna live, live nigga, live nigga
And not by no confines
With all dem got damn fines
They taken out of them checks
Tell me what did yall expect
I go hard for my respect
Done it all I think except
Give a muthafuck bout a hater
Get uppercut by this fader
Then I'm back to gettin paper
Look at me
Track Name: A.N.T

I Walked up in this bitch wit a couple of them racks
She poppin got it poppin like she walked in wit a strap
Bla ka ka ka kow all that ass up in my face
When she drop it to the ground put that cash up in her waistline
Get it get it take mine spend it on a purse.
Ima kill it have her ridin dick up in a hearse.
She got the best head no hiccups no burps.
I don't chase em I ain't racing baby you can cum first
U da bomb I'm tryna spark more than a conversation.
All she wanna know is why the hell we still waitin
I love the way u think and I'm more than a contemplation.
I bout to hit it from the roof to the basement.
Stroke game crazy now she all lazy
I should make her pay me, to get it on a daily.
When it's time to feast put her on the kitchen table.
You put her on ya lease, I just put her on a leash

Ima beast
Look shorty Ima beast
Yea u pretty in the face
But u know what I wanna see
All I wanna see is that

Ass n titties
Ass ass n titties
Get loose, Get Loose

Dollar bills keep droppin Shorty spoiled rotten
Keep it poppin or get kicked to the side like robin, No prollem
She told me she gone ride til she die, Low milage.
She love white girl she be yellin mo molly. Mo Molly
Spent racks on yo body
Now I hear its your career
It's no longer yo hobby
Plus I heard that pussy bald
Whoa chemo sabe
She gone make that pussy ball
Puttin dollas in her pocket
Damn she gotta fatty
I told her I'm bout to grab it
She tried to get mad i showed her a stack n she got ecstatic
Automatic i chopped her
It's trickin, but I got her
She Call me daddy, big poppa
Bitch u would too so don't knock her
That's irrelevant
Shut up u don't see presidents
U hatin bitch that's evident
Cuz she whippin and u peddle in
Stop meddlin
Thats grown up shit
Why don't u drop stacks on yours
N get some grown up tits
Before the low cut bitch

I been a beast
Yea shorty ima beast
Yea pretty in the face
But u know what I wanna see.

Bitch what u think
I ain't buyin u no drink
I might go n get some water
From the muthafuckin sink
For the wet t shirt contest
Wet t shirt contests
Wet t shirt con
Wet wet t shirt contest
Track Name: WTF U Smokin (Produced by theloniBLOKE)
WTF U Smokin


See the coughin and wheezin believe me I'm not a kitty
My niggee I roll the sticky get higher then blow the Cig
Any Fly'er I'll be a pigee supplier is smokin with me
Higher than B 50's white b*tch from the A with me
That A-to the-K With me act right all the way Silly
I'm tryna make 8 billie and tryna vacay in chile
They tryna placate my dealings While duplicating my ceilings
In truth I'm swoopin and saving the game is crucial we playin
I'm high tho what do I know
Can barely see my eyes so low
I'm slow with the cruising case I see 5-0
My dro, might go
Out the window if they smell my smoke, I know
Damn this sh*t so potent she buss her p*ssy open
Put that ass in reverse, b*tch after I nut disperse
Get in the whip and skeeert and put the pedal to dirt
Take a hit of the purp (That shit hit hard)
That shit hurt

My nigga you aint chokin so WTF U Smokin
it aint hittin like this you smell the dro it got me floatin 2x

My nigga this that shit that make you (Cough) 4x

TimbaWolf Bleez:

Ima thank my weed man later cuz I'm so far gone.
Ima pay my weed man later cuz he fronted me a O.
N my squad gone blow, sadam wit the flow. Like Karan's on the flow, you ain't got enough faith to get high as I go.
Pray to god I aint wrong but I never seen that in the bible SO...I'm a puff ima tote til I'm out for the count on ya couch wit a hoe.
Wit my dick in her mouth, then I'm kickin her out When I wake up lets bake up another ounce.
Blaze up til ya face up layin on the ground.
Nigga this sticky ick.
Smoke errday like its infinite.
Legitimate for every sentiment that Make random hoes wanna get intimate.
N they Tried to tell me that's bad for me.
My optimism won't let it be.
So I hit that twice then let it be.
Same goes for the hoes in bed wit me.
1 time for the squad gettin bread wit me.
Real niggas that'll pop that lead for me.
Ain't too many left so instead ya see
Jus 1 finger for the haters y'all dead to me.
N I promo for the doe doe for the low low wore the logo still live we'll rise to the occasion lookin half Asian
Movin in slow mo.
Stampede of thoughts when I blow dro
I jus read em off n my flow go so hard
Every bar got em stuck behind em wit no hope. Lego
Track Name: High

Girl ya Rollin? What u smokin? Here some potion, to keep u goin!
In slow motion, ay why u trippin?
Can barely focus but u love the feelin.
U know wassup we smokin grape Amazin.
Jus Roll it up flame it, taze it blaze it.
Girl ya dope I want a zip of that.
On my scale you 450 grams.
Do the math I'm about to pound.
First I high u up then I take u down.
One of the sweetest strands found.
Puff puff pass then I make my rounds.
I'll travel cross the world to get that girl.
Lookin for good? she gets my referral.
The night is young's we about to ball.
Bringing the bong along we gone smoke it all.

Let's just get high, high, high 4X

Soon as I enter the room
U smell it u know what it do
My fragrance hit u like boom
I blaze n pass it to u
Sativa Tiva, bet u need a breather
Once it hit yo chest the stress is soon to leave ya.
Don't you know that I can take you where u never been befo, Neva been befo.
bet u Neva thought that indo would actually get u in the doe, did u tho?
But here we go, be my flight attendant.
Get this engine fired up my lighters missin
And yo lips is puckered like u like to Kiss it.
When I hit i chief n take my time wit it
Get it.
Mary is my mistress, we should have a threesome.
If u down for bitness, actin half way decent.
I'ma bring the trees in, that ain't for no teasin, we gone smoke it all, for no fuckin reason

Lets get high
We gone smoke it all tonight, we gone smoke it alll
tonight, oh yea....roll it up up up, roll it up yea
Twist up!
Track Name: Kick It All Day
Kick It All Day

Uh what the deal is
Shawty we can kick it
And know that if I got it i'ma spend it
My niggas say its trickin but I'm feelin kinda different

I got all this cash, all this cash
Why I'm gone keep it to myself
Got all these trees, and all these drinks
I think I could use some help

I think I jus fell in love with her smile.
Or was it that ass, workin so fast it slowed my heart down.
I think you know what ur doin, to me.
Movin that body like that, I want'Cha that's a matter of fact baby.
I've got to know what your name is girl.
Got me chasin u down, askin what's your status right now.
Got no man, with no plans on tryna be with anyone.
I Understand so let's be friends n u and i can have some fun.

We'll jus kick it all day
And we'll just party all night
we'll get lifted all day
N we'll jus party all night
We'll just kick it all day
and we'll just party all night
The good life, the good life
We'll jus party all night.

I don't wanna be alone tonight
So if u wit me lets get thrower tonight
She said alright.
You don't have to be alone tonight.
So jus go get 2 shots of whatever you like
Let's get live all night

I think I jus found the love of my life.
Or is it these trees that's makin me think your blowin my mind.
I think my feelings are deep so deep.
Or is it this drink that's me sink in your deep love sea.
I know what I said before.
But the time we spend got me wantin much more.
I don't care what u have done before us.
I know that love isn't always war when there's trust. If u trust me
Track Name: Touching You
Light the candles I'm coming thru, thru, thru, thru
You be good I'll give this good to you, you, you, you
Get this lovin til like 1 or 2, 2, 2, 2, You
Soakin wet when I'm touching you
Soakin wet when I'm touching you
Track Name: Bout The Money feat. Mac Beez
Bout The Money feat. Mac Beez

TimbaWolf Bleez:

I wanna spend some time, she wanna spend my money
I told her I don't mind, now she thinkin I'ma dummy
She dip for them chips, I'm on solid, she's stunning
They all claim to make it rain, but when she back it up they frontin
I know what you want I got what you need
Them other tippers can't fuck with me
I'm not T-Pain, she in love with me
She stuck with me for her luxuries
Financial aid, Fuck that cuz I'm bringin stacks when I come back
Wide open she buss that, I wanna reach out and just touch that
But I can't, stay away from this club girl I'll admit it I just can't
Stay away from you girl, think I'm addicted to the way you shake
Would take you home with me if I had my way
So what do ya say, what you think bout that
eh eh eh eh

If it's bout the money girl
Just know I get a lot of that
And I aint being funny girl
When I say you can have all of that there
oh If its bout the money
Just know I get a lot of that
And I aint being funny girl
When I say you can have all of that there

That there, that there, that there, oh yea 4x

*Mac Beez

Bounce it low and I'ma spend this cash
Make it rain while you clap that ass
Forget about the past when you got the future now
Niggas barely make it drizzle, I'm about to make it drown
Baby you aint know, I'm the king of this town
Compton street nigga with a midwest style
Game locked down from here to Young's town
KSB (King Squad Bitch) My niggas stay with the crowns
If money is the topic, then you know I got it
Take you to a island where the weather always tropic
Go ahead and drop it forget about the problems
Keep a couple knots in my front and back pockets
Straight to the top taking off like a rocket
To get you in the sack is the mission D Dockett
Tryna tear it up come through miss lockett
Swag on a hunned lame niggas tryna jock it
Track Name: Ride On Em (Outro)
Ride on em

Yea I'm back snitches.
I'm all about the green shit new ass infants.
This a mass killin, talk shit get ya ass in it.
Ain't close enough to see me keep imaginin.
Let ya sketch artist do my new album cover.
Woulda stretched had i known I had to run u over.
I been gripping on this torch out in Arizona.
Heart still on a porch northside minnesota.
Gotta grip a goons, KING SQUAD KILLAS.
Momma told me not to fuck wit no bitch niggas.
Grandma told me steer from badd crowd.
Who was she kiddin knowin I tag right wit em.
Real recognize real deal badd bitches.
She dont ever get attached like she lack feelins.
We talk rap n I get a pacman feelin.
Killin shit wit BIN no dots like a bad sentence.

Ride On Em

Here hold that snitches.
I push ya snap back back I'm in a black fitted.
I jus do it like them niggas in the Ap (Minneapolis) did it.
N y'all niggas sold out like a last bidding
I used to come wit open arms even baring gifts.
That's how I found out nobody really give a shit.
Now I come wit 2 condoms and a hard dick.
Screaming fuck the world until we all itch.
iick...i know I'm gross
But my net worth is a couple Millie muthafuckas betta network.
Bitch u actin silly come n show me how that neck work.
throw it back for the lazy boy cuz it's less work.
She said if I want the top then I gotta grind.
I was thinkin the same shit girl get out my mind.
That was way over the top u ain't get it huh?
Let me give em a warm welcome at the finish line #1

I'm a coach to a team who ain't Neva made it...
even close to a ring still motivated..
Off his hopes n his dreams
Feelin levitated off of pride and esteem. Heart heavy weighted all the shit I done seen. Got me contemplatin... Is it all that is seems. I done dat change who I'm I keep it poppin for the team.
Cock rockets for the kings if it came down to it cuz it's more than the music when it's war you gone lose it
I seen niggas turn from a Porsche to a Buick
The Mind of a decent guy morph to a nuisance.
My Flow so ahead like i climbed out the future.
Y'all flow dead like 1st person shooters.
See Tese shells 3-D headed for medulla oblungota who shot'cha wit
The toola.
Young I ride on em.