Tax Check feat. Young Bandit

from by TimbaWolf Bleez

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Original Young Bandit Song with a dope 16 from Young Blake. This track is about hustlin hard and gettin money under the table which is somethin we both know a lot about. #Grind


Tax Check feat. Young Bandit

*Young Bandit

Gotta stay flexin just to get a check
The world know this Mexican and I'm all about respect
I'm not affectionate but I'll have you tongue kissin my tech
I got the set tatted on me, yea we bout it homie
Cuz you know what we bout
Bald headed Cholo-Swagged out
We smokin loud
And got your ears ringin
You hear them snitches singin, Like Usher
I'm fuckin this rap game, No Rubber
I'm goin ham in the parkin lot, burnin rubber
Got my hand on my lethal weapon
no Mel Gibson or Danny Glover
She say I love you, I lie and say I love her
But I love these streets
Love slangin weed
Flexin, love countin my cheese
She say I love you, I lie and say I love her
But I love these streets
Love slangin weed
Flexin, love countin my cheese

You see we ballin everyday with no tax check
My name good in the hood its called respect
Flexin everyday for the fuckin check
Holmes, I go hard for my respect

TimbaWolf Bleez:

I be flexin on these hoes
I be fresh up in this bitch
They pop questions on these hoes
Pop that pussy baby that's it
U know who run it
Big face hunneds
This play money
But don't play wit it
Cuz you'll get hunted
this aint no gimic
I meant it ive done It
I'm always wit it dummy
Respect the hustle
Cuz I can detect them hatin
Get off that V Tech u talkin too much n caught up n cases.
Oh yea dem niggas be snitching
callin police's to places
that keep us ballin they all in our shit invadin our spaces
But shiit
I go hard for mine
N I know Juan ain't lyin
My dude keep all them fryin
I Blow doob's to ease my mind
A Blown fuse can end yo life
I'm tryna live, live nigga, live nigga
And not by no confines
With all dem got damn fines
They taken out of them checks
Tell me what did yall expect
I go hard for my respect
Done it all I think except
Give a muthafuck bout a hater
Get uppercut by this fader
Then I'm back to gettin paper
Look at me


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Written by Young Bandit
Co-Written by TimbaWolf Bleez



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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