Got My Back

from by TimbaWolf Bleez

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This track is simply making a statement to the haters in the world, just letting them know it doesn't matter how much I'm hated by those with no soul...Because my niggas got my back and we Still Live. (Hater section)


Got My Back

My click, we in this bitch.
Like a easy flip we in this bitch
Killin shit we'll make it quick.
We so ill don't it make em sick.
Hoe chill, get off the dick
Unless u offer chips or tryna to hit the strip.
Take a sip of this codine
You'll be in and out of one cold dream.
Then hit the tree, no seeds
We share the wealth no greed.
Have you ever been so fuckin clean u turn a party scene into a murder scene.
Fuck y'all mean u ain't hearda me?
Young Blake I been a G.
After I hit em wit this triple threat.
Bet all dese niggas gone member me.
I'll put out that fire they jus burnin up this industry.
Ima frequent flyer I get higher than they'll ever be.
If they dont take heed to this warning then they'll never see.
Me comin I'll jus run in stone cold stunt n put that ass to sleep.
Beef what's that...all these niggas wack.
Can't see my flows can't see my hoes So stay up off that track.
My niggas live that thug life, still need to move 2-pacs
Y'all livin a bugs life, jus tryin not to get splat

Mack beezy got my back
J binzO got my back
Yung KANG got my back
T Bloke got my back.
Aye Bitch nigga this K.O.E
and have my back is they J.O.B
So fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Killa got my back
Zoo house got my back
Big Germ got my back
J Murk got my back
Bitch Nigga this KOE
And have my back is they J.O.B
So fuck them niggas who hatin on me
Fuck them niggas who hatin on me

I'm turnt up n I'm on her now.
She turnt too n can't turn me down.
I turnt to my nigga said get yo turn too we gone turn her out.
Ima threat like I walk wit a burner out.
Ima vet these cats I don't curr about.
I'm the best rap niggas I ain't wurred about.
When I'm done cookin em up curr em out.
Ima artist so I'm jus blurrin em out.
I'm sayin niggas ain't even worth the current amount.
In my pocket stop ya killin me wit the nonsense.
Stupid jus about dumb as my car is.
Niggas can't mock this hot shit Mock 6.
Roofless topless like ya main broad get.
Down on the floor suck dick til she nautious.
Niggas talk shit I talk bizness boss shit.
Fly shit tony hawkin often.
Coffin fresh shit fresh to def shit.
Flossing green boston celtics.
I'm so cold nigga I can't help it.
Less its bout that paper player
I'ma roll out like skaters later
2 piece duece here!
Its a new year n My view clear.
Right through the bullshit to the top I go.
Write to the music, put life on hold.
Rights to the music copyright my flow.
Might here a few ticks n I might jus blow.
I'm in this Bitch takin what's mine.
Gimme my shine I'm on my grind.
Nothin but money n blunts on my mind.
We gone get high 2 blunts at a time.


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Produced, Mixed, and Written by TimbaWolf Bleez



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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