Fall Back feat. K​-​Deville

from by TimbaWolf Bleez

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This was originally written to another beat of mine but the quality of this beat matched the tone of the verses much better. I had the pleasure of working with K-Deville, one of the most talented female hip hop artists in Arizona.


Fall Back feat. K-Deville

Fuckin right ima soulja
I jus might run up on ya.
Im bout bizness but its no problem to kick off these loafers.
I'm bout to take shit over.
Dear rap Dangers approachin.
Killin em all for cheap like I'm jus tryna make a quota
I'm feelin kinda faded but im gaining exposure.
See me clear this my year nigga I thought I told ya.
we still live spark it up n get real high.
Might sound movie scene but we do dis shit in our real life.
born n raised in these mean streets.
But my flow is real nice.
N my hoes is real nice.
Where the fuck is my squad at.
Seen some niggas in all black??
Pulled up in a "what do u call that?" huh?
Oh there they go tellin y'all niggas fall back. (beat all the way out for this line wit the squad talkin shit)
What's wit all the ol hatin shit
Thought that was over 08 n shit.
Is it that I'm so far ahead?
Or y'all jus so damn late to shit.
We lawless n reckless and the way we been killin.
After this track ima have to ask Gods for forgiveness.

Tell dem niggas fall back
All you niggas fall back
See them niggas is wanna be's
We them niggas they wanna be.
Tell dem hoes fall back
All you hoes fall back
She don't ever wanna leave
We the ones they wanna be wit
What's wit all that
Tell dem niggas fall back
She don't ever wanna leave
We ones they wanna be wit
What's with all that
Tell them hoes fall back
ima pimp I don't love them hoes them hoes.

K Deville

Tell em niggas fall back
Thirsty asses be mad as fuck
When Deville shows these niggas no luv
Fuck niggas basic as fuck Get no trust
Gettn this money is a muthafuckin must
So I pick it up, like a flatbed truck
Spend that shit riri type gon throw it up
Money's the only thing on my mind bruh
So I guess it's fair to say That I'm kinda stuck
To....These cheese paper chips all I do is get rich
middle fingers to ya clique
And if you ever question it then I would really be the bitch
To go against everything that yo clique represents
Little bitch
Get out my vicinity if yu ain't on shit
Cuz I be out here gettin it
Always doin bigger shit than hoes out here pretending it
Where yu heard some realer shit...Tell em this

This Another mass killin, u here to bare witness.
Living rooms are for diein so I'm in the streets gettin it.
If yo grind nothin like mine I ain't fuckin wit it.
I coulda been had rap but I jus wasn't wit it.
bunch of niggas talkin bout what they really don't be doin.
The hoes they be frontin on like they really and screwing.
I Made sexy vices I had to keep this shit movin.
And now im makin bangas it's time to get back to it.
Alright Now watch me go ham
2 middle fingers both hands
I'm bout to fuck 2 more singin bitches and make me a band.
Hell naw Not 1 out my ring of bitches get one on they hand.
Fuck what u thought I'm the man.
Which part you don't understand?
Ima King
The youngest son of my muthas Came to fuck shit up
Plus I came in wit G's from the G$ production team.
What u mean?
No I ain't jus make it here.
But I be fresh on the scene.
I know I'm blessed to be here
So while I'm doin my thang
Nigga fall back


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Produced, Mixed, and Written by TimbaWolf Bleez
Co-Written by K-Deville



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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