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This Track is designed to turn a party up and get the rachets cluckin...I mean Twerkin, Clappin, & Poppin Ass. Also expresses how women hate on other women who know how to get money and have fun. #Get Loose



I Walked up in this bitch wit a couple of them racks
She poppin got it poppin like she walked in wit a strap
Bla ka ka ka kow all that ass up in my face
When she drop it to the ground put that cash up in her waistline
Get it get it take mine spend it on a purse.
Ima kill it have her ridin dick up in a hearse.
She got the best head no hiccups no burps.
I don't chase em I ain't racing baby you can cum first
U da bomb I'm tryna spark more than a conversation.
All she wanna know is why the hell we still waitin
I love the way u think and I'm more than a contemplation.
I bout to hit it from the roof to the basement.
Stroke game crazy now she all lazy
I should make her pay me, to get it on a daily.
When it's time to feast put her on the kitchen table.
You put her on ya lease, I just put her on a leash

Ima beast
Look shorty Ima beast
Yea u pretty in the face
But u know what I wanna see
All I wanna see is that

Ass n titties
Ass ass n titties
Get loose, Get Loose

Dollar bills keep droppin Shorty spoiled rotten
Keep it poppin or get kicked to the side like robin, No prollem
She told me she gone ride til she die, Low milage.
She love white girl she be yellin mo molly. Mo Molly
Spent racks on yo body
Now I hear its your career
It's no longer yo hobby
Plus I heard that pussy bald
Whoa chemo sabe
She gone make that pussy ball
Puttin dollas in her pocket
Damn she gotta fatty
I told her I'm bout to grab it
She tried to get mad i showed her a stack n she got ecstatic
Automatic i chopped her
It's trickin, but I got her
She Call me daddy, big poppa
Bitch u would too so don't knock her
That's irrelevant
Shut up u don't see presidents
U hatin bitch that's evident
Cuz she whippin and u peddle in
Stop meddlin
Thats grown up shit
Why don't u drop stacks on yours
N get some grown up tits
Before the low cut bitch

I been a beast
Yea shorty ima beast
Yea pretty in the face
But u know what I wanna see.

Bitch what u think
I ain't buyin u no drink
I might go n get some water
From the muthafuckin sink
For the wet t shirt contest
Wet t shirt contests
Wet t shirt con
Wet wet t shirt contest


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Produced, Mixed, and Written by TimbaWolf Bleez



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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