100 feat. J​-​Murk

from by TimbaWolf Bleez

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100 is about hustlin hard to get where I wanna be, and how I got where I am today. I had the honor of working with J-Murk, who I knew raps fast and would keep the pace of this song and it was a job well done.


100 ft. J-Murk

TimbaWolf Bleez:

I Make hoes wanna flip they mattress up, they super pissed. Super pissed.
Ay why is you hatin? Go get some money, Stay up off that stupid shit
My sick whip got stupid tint.
Wit the optical illusion rims
Get a view of this ya might lose ya wig.
Wonder who I'm wit.
A Nigga got faith tryna do it BIG.
Got head instead n then she said
Take a puff daddy while I make the bed.
ima Mack like Craig Hot head
Tella Go make my bread from scratch
N act like you know how to act I said.
Relax my head. Wit some of the finest green.
Who gets flyer than me and the rising King Squad

A Nigga like me ain't got nothin to lose.
Keep puffin n puffin n dumpin them brews.
N fuckin them bitches who fuck wit the crew.
Them haters jus hate they got nothin to do.
Kick rocks nigga kick rocks
I stay wit a sick plot on my tip top
Don't play wit it. Get popped nigga get dropped
I stay wit it hard knock where my car stops
Back home bitch

I Hustle hard 100
Now im Killin shit and I'm wanted
Hard to find a decent opponent
So I took my style n I loaned it
Cuuuzz these niggas ain't even challenges.
They Makin it hard for the talented
Jus Look at the game how they damage it.
Now watch as I come in wit bandages.

Bitch I wish you would get get
Get to poppin that bullshit
We get to poppin that full clip
Click click reload and it jus don't quit
I jus don't miss errthang I do hit don't trip I dont slip
they can't fuck wit u cuz if they fuck wit u they gotta fuck wit me n They can't fuck wit me

*J Murk

getting big green, whip mean, its a kids dream, sit clean, kit mean, im a chip fiend, get cream, trick scheme got the inf beam, .44 fo' foes give em 16, hold on nigga better add it up, boy i might just take your shorty if she bad as fuck, that gianni on my body got me swagging up, see them hating niggas looking at me mad as fuck, but im cool fresh whites with the bbc, smashing your bitch in your b-e-d, hit then i split she a easy fee, then i pass it to blake like im cp3, wan' talk slick to a nigga? shots dispensing, move weight like we doing lots of benching, im a flee muthafucka not to mention, that I got more bands then a rock convention, like see man, thee fam, all ride with me man, gee man, thee bands, all i can see man, all eyes on me man, all high we chiefing, all grind till thee end, more rhymes than leann, look up in the sky im a fly guy sonny, smash right quick then its bye-bye honey, you aint getting one piece out of my pie money, im a trill ass young niggas 5 x 20! im gone

Outro verse

Told y'all I'ma flu wit it (sick)
Ain't shit u can do wit me (bitch)
I ain't nothin like these new niggas I'm fresh but
I'm 100 I'm true wit it (Bet)
made myself a lucrative asset
Uncaged myself a beast in the damn flesh
Might see YB in a lamb next
To a badd bitch if my cash stretch
Like a last check
before unemployment
NiggaThis a warnin but I
really hope y'all enjoy this
Really I been so bored wit
All the yap rap this that crack rap
Diss dat pap pap bitch go nap nap
Didn't check me when I came in
Cuz They seen big face Ben Franklin


from Triple Threat, released August 1, 2013
Produced, Mixed, and Written by TimbaWolf Bleez
Co-Written by J Murk



all rights reserved


TimbaWolf Bleez Phoenix, Arizona

I Sing, Rap, create Original Beats, Write and Produce Music. I have been doing so for about 9 years and I keep progressing. I love what I do and I hope you feel the same. I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you for visiting my page!

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